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Durango: Wild Lands - Second Wave - iPhone X Gameplay

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Durango: Wild Lands - Second Wave - iPhone X Gameplay

Durango: Wild Lands by NEXON Company

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An unexplained spacetime distortion tears you from Earth and drops you into a mysterious world of uncharted islands—Durango.

But in a primitive land teeming with dinosaurs, survival is only the beginning. Explore! Gather! Hunt! Settle! Build! Trade! Cooperate! Compete! The pioneers of Durango live on their own terms.

Come find your destiny in a sprawling world of unlimited possibilities!

Step into the Warp and start your new life!

Durango awaits!

#1. The age of dinosaurs dawns anew!

Want to live among prehistoric beasts? Look no further than Durango!

Our pioneers fight for survival side-by-side with ancient creatures!

#2. The beautiful wilderness is your playground!

Use Durango's endless resources to build a world of your design!

Team up with friends to turn your tiny hut into a sprawling city!

#3. The freedom to live your own life!

Craft, cook, farm, build, hunt, sew, gather, tame, mine, and more!

Is there anything you CAN'T do?!

Every path leads to success, so play however you like!

#4. Develop a persistent village in an MMO world

Durango can become whatever the pioneers make of it!

Build your dream home and watch it become part of a village, city, or even country!


Once you've reached your final stop, please finish downloading any additional files before going on your way.

Thank you, and enjoy your stay. Goodbye!

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