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How To Get Good - Act, Don't React

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This is just a reminder to choose who you want to be rather than just letting yourself go loose. Self control is extremely important, especially if you have a tendency to lose control during heated moments. Stay aware. Stay in control. Make the right decisions to be your best, even at your worst.

In chess some say the best form of defence is attack. The same can be true for this... defence is reaction, offense is action. So go on the offensive when it comes to who you want to be. Don't just react.

I used to love reading about the ancient masters in temples. They were so in control of their emotions, their thoughts and their lives that they always came across as completely calm and at ease. When I talk about "the master" in this video, it's about mastering your brain and body, not others. An animal will just react and be what it is. That's fine. But as humans our potential is much greater, we can't rely on primitive instinct if we want to be our best.

The idea is to master your actions to the point they become your default reactions... through repetition you can change your thoughts and emotions to what they should be, so as said, take a step back, really think about what the best version of you would do, then keep repeating that. The master acts, the animal reacts. And later, the master just reacts too before finding a new act.

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